Friday, December 29, 2006

Brazil Part 1

Ola from Brazil. Todd and I arrived safely in Florianopolis on Tuesday the 26th. Flying on Christmas day was great because the flight was empty, but I did miss spending time with family and friends. Floripa is fantastic, the people are really nice and the beaches are gorgeous. The language difference has been hard, neither Todd or I speak portugese, but we are learning and the locals are really patient. Yesterday a Brazilian family from Rio adopted us and took us with them to many beaches on the Island. The son spoke some english, and acted as the translator. The daughter, a very energetic seven year old, even gave us portugese lessons. We also went sandboarding on the dunes, think snowboarding but on steep sand dunes instead of snow. Jesse, you would have loved it, you would eat more sand than you do playing volleyball. We arrived in Rio today; everyone should be happy to know that we are staying at a very nice hotel in the middle of Cópacabana. This place is getting ready for a huge new years. They expect more than 2 million people to gather on the beach. Most wearing all white. Todd even bought white shorts so he could join in. And Black Eyed Peas are playing in a live free concert!

Ps. We had our first emergency last night (parents please don´t feak). I was feeling like crap (I didn´t eat anything all day, not sure if that has ever happened to me), so Todd dutifully took my to the Pharmacia. They quickly took my temperature, diagnosed me and sent me on my way with antibiotics. And all at a cost of less than $10. I feel fantastic today.

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