Thursday, January 18, 2007

Argentina and Brazil Wrapup

So, we arrived in Buenos Aires for our last two nights of vacation and were very happy to stay in a fantastic Marriott hotel (Todd even got us an upgrade to a junior suite). The bed was amazing. Our last two days were great, we spent a lot of time shopping, eating and drinking. We meet up with a friend of mine that has spent the last year living and working in BA with her boyfriend. We had a fantastic meal, great "sobre mesa", and partied till the sun came up. "Sobre Mesa" is the Argentinean phrase for after dinner talk, I think we spent 2 hours after dinner talking about such profound topics as the possibility of crustless bread and Beckham's contract with the Galaxy. (Thanks Claire and Paul, we had a blast!) We had exhausted all of the touristy activities that Todd had wanted to do, so I convinced him to take a tango lesson. Surprisingly, it didn't take much arm twisting (maybe because it was our 5 year anniversary). And I even got him to watch a chick flick too! Wow, all in one anniversary. The lesson was an hour and a half and the instructors were great, but Todd and I were frustrated because it was not as easy as we had expected. We still had a lot of fun, but unfortunately I think that was the first and last dance class that we will ever take. So, here is the link to our top 50 pictures.

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