Sunday, July 6, 2008

Start climbing! (by Juli)

The safari was amazing, but by the end we were so restless. We spent five days sitting around all day, we couldn't even go for walks in the evening (except for the walk between the buffet and our dinner table). I was quite stir crazy and very ready to spend some hours hiking up kili. Be careful what you wish for. Half way through day 1, I was exhausted. I felt like I had ran a marathon in the smoggy 909. My lungs burned; probably from the chest cold that Todd gave me. During the day i thought there was no way i would finish the 7 day trek up kili. It was a rough 6 hour hike. i finished last out of eight.

Our group consisted of

  1. Me

  2. Todd

  3. Lynn (friend from univeristy)

  4. Danny (Lynn's new husband, it was their honeymoon)

  5. Julie (Lynn's sister)

  6. Angela (Dubai transplant from Canada)

  7. Dips (Dubai transplant from England)

  8. Noriyuki (Dubai transplant from Japan)

Angela and Dips were lifesavers for us. They supplied us with tissues, wipes, vicks, altitude meds and contact lens solution (todd left his at the hotel). Our group was great. And our guides were fantasitc, but I wasn't sure if i was going to make it past day 2.

Here's all of us (minus Noriyuki) at the starting Machame Gate:

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The Hylands said...

And......DID YOU MAKE IT! What's with the cliffhanger, Juli!