Wednesday, October 14, 2009

We made it!

On one of the worst travel days for San Francisco (we had turbulence even while the plane was sitting at the gate!), we were alloted two seats together in the very last row of the flight to was close, we were not sure if there would be a seat available for us. Same story in Miami, where we were the last two people to board the plane to La Paz. Of course Juli got first class, and Todd got a middle sea in coach (at least it was an exit row). But two Advil PMs later and we woke up flying next to the Andes.

The airport in La Paz is at 4,000m, and the altitude hit us immediately as we stepped off the plane. Juli was worried she´d have to sprint past immigration control and hit the restroom, while Todd was dizzily holding all the bags and getting our documentation order for inspection and to buy a visa. We popped a Diamox right away and things began to settle down a bit, but we´re still feeling the effects so taking it very slowly.

We had hoped to buy a ticket to Rurrenabaque but found out that all the flights were either cancelled or sold out, so a change in the itinerary was in order. Since we made it a day earlier than expected, we decided to hop on a bus for Copacabana, a city on Lake Titicaca (the highest navigable lake in the world, whatever that means). About 4 hours later we had arrived, found a place to stay, and were ready to hit the town. We even took in the sunset on a swan-shaped paddle boat. So romantic (it is our honeymoon)! It will be a short stay, we´re out of here tomorrow evening to try to get to Rurrenabaque again, but not until we take a boat trip over to Isla del Sol and Isla de la Luna. So far we really like fading into Bolivian, its our style - a little rough but nothing too bad, and ridiculously cheap. More to come, stay tuned!


Grace said...

So thrilled to hear from you! Sounds like you are enjoying your honeymoon!! We wish you the best!

Grace said...

Liked your play on words.....fading into Bolivian. All of it was a great read for those of us who enjoy the details. Can't wait to read more!

Grace said...

P.S. saw a place on the map near Lake Titicaca called Juli.....hope you noticed it, too.

Scott said...

Your trip sounds unboliviable so far