Tuesday, November 3, 2009

And Now...Deep Thoughts (by Todd)

Travel Pace - for me, the most difficult part of this trip is our limited time...we kinda backed ourselves into a corner by committing to go to Indianapolis for Halloween. Two weeks would have been fine for Peru, but as we heard more about Bolivia we become convinced we had to include it in the trip. I'm definitely glad we ended up making it to Bolivia, but that decision has also meant constant movement, nearly every day, to a new city; unpacking and repacking the backpack. The pace we have traveled on this trip is about as fast as I think I can handle anymore.

Planning - this is an interesting trip in that we literally had nothing planned or booked ahead of time except for our flight home from Lima. Those of you that know us probably know that is about as opposite of our nature as can be, but it was a good experience to try travelling that way for once. I think we were helped by the recession and the fact we were visiting in shoulder season - I know a couple times we got some of the last tickets for transportation that were available, which made for a few stressful moments; but overall we did quite well considering we never had a reserved place to stay or a reserved seat on a bus/place until the day we needed them.

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Anonymous said...

So proud of you guys for taking the laissez faire approach this time! Worked like a charm for me in Europe this summer, too.