Monday, December 26, 2011

One Day in Miami (enroute to Colombia)

Our outbound flight from LAX arrived at 5:10AM in Miami. While I at least slept a bit on the plane, Juli did not have as much luck, and a naps were needed! We popped in the lounge at the terminal but unfortunately the AC was cranked up a bit too much for Juli to sleep, so we woke up and grabbed a rental car for the day. Word of warning for others - when reserving really cheap rental cars, be ready to show proof of insurance in order to pick the car up...if Juli did not have her iPhone with us, we probably would have spent another two hours in the airport.

We drove out to the Everglades where after an hour of napping in the car (more for Juli, she was out before we even got there), we climbed onto an airboat for a ride through the "grass river" as our confederate-flag bearing (on his hat anyway) driver called it. We saw three gators in the wild as well as some cool birds, but altogether it was a bit too short of a ride for our tastes.

From there we took our talents to South Beach, where we totally ruled (maybe not quite as much as the real King of Miami)! We rented bikes and rode around for a bit, grabbed some food, and dipped our toes in the Atlantic before staking out the Jersey Shore pad and heading back to the airport for our 5:30 flight out.

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