Thursday, September 20, 2012

Coordinating China

This year's trip is to a place experiencing quite a rapid pace of change, China. Last year Juli had to obtain a Chinese visa for work which was never used, and when we took a look and found some cheap nonstop mileage tickets, we decided to jump on them. After sorting through all the options, here's what we've come up with as a plan:
  • Shanghai, Chinese metropolis
  • Dazhai, 'Dragon's Backbone Rice Terraces'
  • Yangshuo, karst landscape countryside
  • Chengdu, spicy Sichuan cuisine and Pandas
  • Xi'an, Terracotta Warriors
  • Beijing, Great Wall and historical China
We'll be travelling during China's national holidays which we heard makes for a difficult time to get around the country, so we did lots of the booking in advance and will be flying between all major cities on the trip, with one planned overnight train along the way.

On this trip we're adding something new to our backpacks, the Kindle, so our reading list has expanded a little bit to include the following:

China's Wing - Gregory Crouch
Pearl of China - Anchee Min
Red Azaela - Anchee Min
Old Town - Lin Zhe
River Town, Two Years on the Yangtze - Peter Hessler
Wolf Totem - Jiang Rong

Juli's already complaining that there is no in-seat entertainment for our 13 hour flight.  That girl gets ansy!

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you missed an aweful Niner game on Sunday...