Monday, December 23, 2013

San Francisco to San Pedro La Laguna - a journey in many parts

After we celebrated an early Christmas with my parents in San Francisco, they drove us to SFO where we were scheduled to catch an "all nighter" to Houston - a four hour flight. Fortunately we each got at least a little sleep on that leg, and then we had a 3 hour layover in Houston where for some reason they were cranking the AC at 6am. Stretched out across a couple terminal benches, Juli managed a few winks before we boarded our flight to Guatemala City. Thankfully, I was able sleep nearly the whole way on that leg.

A driver our hotel had arranged met us at the airport and we were on our way. We did not see an ATM in the arrivals hall of the airport, so we were still without any Guatemalan Quetzals, but our driver took us to an ATM where my card was promptly denied (I hadn't informed the bank of my travel plans). Fortunately Juli's card worked and we were in the money!

The drive to Panajachel took about 3 hours, with one big traffic jam (in Chimaltenango) and one rest stop along the way. Once we reached "Pana", our driver walked us onto a boat, which drove straight across Lake Atitlan for 30 minutes to San Pedro La Laguna. At the dock in San Pedro, there was another person waiting for us who asked us whether we'd like to ride a tuk-tuk or if we wanted to walk. Staring at the hill in front of us and knowing the hotel was close, we of course chose to walk, and 10 minutes later we finally arrived at our lakeside hotel, Sac'kari el Amancer (the first word is Mayan, the second is Spanish and both translate to sunrise).

All in all it was about an 18 hour journey, but the vista we had from our room put that out of mind quickly!

Lake Atitlan, Guatemala


grace c tullis said...

Looking forward to the next chapter! What is a tuk-tuk?

Toddmy said...

A tuk-tuk is a small 3 wheeled taxi. The ones in Guatemala look like this: